Welcome to Trucks, Trains & Stitches

Hello All! I decided to start a blog page to share my "Sewing & Embroidery Adventures." Also, i am hoping it is a great way to share what i do and help you out if you are in need of a gift or something personal for yourself or child.

I came up with the name "Trucks, Trains, and Stitches" because although i LOVE to sew..."stitch", i am constantly surrounded by...trucks, trains, planes, and anything else that moves and screams "BOY!" I have one amazing son, Cobb, and another precious baby boy on the way, Huck. Having two boys i love making stuff for them, but it is a tad bit harder than a little girl. They just don't look right in the dresses! Just kidding...their dad would kill me!

I started sewing a few years ago when my brother was expecting his daughter, Arielle. I loved it right away and did some basic stuff. This past year i got an embroidery machine for Christmas and have really enjoyed making all the cute stuff. I find i do WAY more girl stuff (thank goodness my friends were pregnant with little girls) and keep pretty busy with burp clothes and other baby gifts.

I hope you enjoy looking around and please let me know if you see anything that your are interested in, or have any ideas on what i could try next! I try to think i am up for the challenge of making something new :)