Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holidays are Over!

The holidays are over...almost just New Year's left, but no orders for that! I was SUPER busy all the way up until Christmas Eve. It was good - and i appreciate everyone allowing me to help them with some personalized presents for them. Here are some pictures to catch you up on the  new items i have made. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas - we sure did! It was extra special have 2 sweet boys to spoil...and spoiled they were by everyone! Enjoy the pictures~

A Monogrammed Blanket - i did 5 of these, but this was my favorite!

I have a co-worker who is decorating with burlap...she is so talented, glad i could help personalize some things for her!

Here are my boys in their Christmas outfits getting ready to see Santa! They looked adorable if i don't say so myself!

 Burp clothes - there were 2 precious baby girls born in December. So glad their mommy's asked me to make something special for them! I'm sure they are getting covered in spit up as we speak :)

This is for my old neighbor - very special as i remeber growing up with Haley...can't believe she is a mommy! So excited for her! Kirkley is lucky to have such a great mommy!

 These are for a friend i graduated high school with. I got to see sweet Harley the day after she was born when i dropped them off. She is precious!!! And mom looked pretty great as well for just coming home. Congratulations Shellie - i'm so happy for you guys!

Stocking! Gotta have them personalized so Santa knows where to put the goodies!

Personalized beach cover-ups

 Embroidered name on polo - i did 6 of these for a friend to give as gifts for her nieces that attend World Language. Such a cute idea!

This is for our cousins little guy that is coming in March - we can't wait to meet him and spoil him rotten!

My niece's Christmas gifts from Aunt Martha - she LOVES dinosaurs...and i love getting to make "girly" things for her!

Arielle's new dress i made her - can't wait to see it on her...i'll post pics when i get them. Thanks pinterest for the tutorial! If you haven't gotten on pinterest i HIGHLY recommend many Great Ideas!

Huck's book bag his Bebe got him...had to add a little personalization!

Some appliqued shirts i've been working on...

Finallly made some bibs for our sweet Huck...he's ready for some food and i needed some bibs to keep his clothes clean :)

About to get back to work...a few burp clothes and t-shirts are in the works i'll get them posted ASAP. As always take care and let me know if you need any embroidery or applique "ing" done. Thanks for visiting Trucks, Trains, and Stitches...

P.S. Still loving my new machine it has made my little Hobby so much easier - BIG thanks to Dad and Mom for such an AMAZING Christmas present!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sorry For the Delay!

Well the holidays are so quickly approaching and if your anything like me the shopping so NOT done! Needless to say with 2 precious boys and life in general things have been busy! I have been so bad about updating so get ready for some pictures. I also find i am forgetting to shoot things before i send them my apologies for not allowing you to see some of the cute outfits. If i get pics sent my way i will post them asap. But i have been back to work and busy! Continue sending the business -

My parents gave me my Christmas Present a little early and i could not be HAPPIER! It is by far the best present i have ever recieved (except my engagement ring from my amazing husband of course!) Dad and Mom decided i needed an upgrade on my machine since i am enjoying this "hobby" so much! Dad and I went shopping and i came home with a new Brother innov-is is AMAZING!!!! I can now do up to a 10x6 embroidery field....and so much more! Thank goodness they include classes so i can learn all it has to offer! Also with the special they were running i got a surger idea how to run it but from what they showed me it is going to make the "making" of children's clothes SO AWESOME! So just wait i will keep you updated....Unfortunatley for Matt he has realized i need my own sewing room so that is in the works in the basement at th e beginning of 2012 ~ Wahoo - i can't wait!!!

Here are some updated projects...a NEW dress design is included - check it out!

These are some new towels to hang from the oven....great for those of you with kiddos who LOVE to pull them off. It has stopped that from my little guy! (A double knot always helps!)

More Applique Shirts

These are some gifts i made for a great friend that is having twins - boy & girl!!!

These are the new t-shirt dresses - so adorable! Can't wait to see them on!!!

 My boys Christmas outfits! They are going to look so cute...definitely pics to come :)